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Switchable Film Technology By Wheellok
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Smart Film Technology

 We have recently joined teams with SVT Tech to distribute their Smart Film.
This product has a proven background for quality and reliability.
Smart Film is a protective film with a peel off backing for easy installation on existing glass. This liquid crystal polymer resembles switchable privacy glass with electrochromatic tint. You can bend it, trim it, and project on it for a fraction of the cost of smart glass.



Added benefit of the smart window film is that it can act as an ideal projection screen, for presentations, whilst in its opaque state. The presentation can be displayed from either side of the film, the rear projection (facing outwards) being of the highest quality (for displays etc) whilst the traditional front projection (facing back into the room) would be of a standard suitable enough for business meetings etc. These features make the switchable film a perfect application for boardroom/conference rooms, especially where these rooms are multi-functional and privacy isn't required all of the time. A further additional benefit is the usual Solar/UV protection that films of this nature generally provide. The smart window film comes in 0.7mm thick sheets in sizes up to 3m (118"), in widths of 980mm (38.6") and 1200mm (47.3") and can be cut to size to form custom shapes or multiple pieces joined together to suit different scenarios.

You may also come across the following terms in connection with switchable smart window film which are all essentially either describing the same thing or technologies that achieve the same effect:- switch glass, switch film, magic glass, SPD glass, smart glass, smart film, privacy glass, suspended particle displays.

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Marine Application

We have recently begun installation of our Smart Film in the Marine Sector!

                 Check out the Magic Marine Page! 

 This is all custom so call for Quote!


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    12"x12"Non-Adhesive            12"x12"Self-Adhesive


   $50.00us             $55.00us



*The price of the film below is sample pricing. If you require larger pieces you must

call for a detailed quote.

We will contact you within 24 hours to confirm order and special instructions. Thank you.




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